Drone Ultra X

Become an eye in the sky and start exploring.
Take great scenery pictures and video's with the Drone Ultra X

Not all drones have a camera, but the Drone Ultra X has it all.

Record Images and Video’s with your phone, while the drone is high in the sky.

You are able to turn the camera up and down. This way you can explore even better.

That's Not All! The Drone Ultra X can do many things.

Return Key Option

With this function you can easily let the drone come back to you and land with just a click on the button.

Flight Routes

You will be able to draw routes on your smartphone. The Drone Ultra X will fly the route you have set on the map. This is a functionality that most other drones don't have.

Easy controls

It won't be difficult to fly the Drone Ultra X. The controls are super comfortable. You'll get very useful buttons that will let the Drone Ultra X take off, one-click landing and you can do fine adjustments to get to the position you like to fly to.

Drone Ultra X

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