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Safely Clean Your Ears with Qgrips

Do you feel the need to clean your ears?

Ear wax is a substance that our body produces to keep our ears safe. The ear canal is vulnerable to infection without enough ear wax.


You must be very careful when you clean your ears. You can seriously hurt them.

Using bad tools like Q-tips and pencils can actually push ear wax further into the ears rather than clean them. 


With the Qgrip you won’t have this problem and it will remove the ear wax safely from your ears.

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You'll will immediately notice that the Qgrip is designed especially with your ears in mind.

It will fit perfectly in your ear, you won't need to push or pull to try to get the wax out. Qgrips is reusable as it's made of silicone and plastic. Was it after every time you've used it.

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