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The Ultra Wave TV Antenna

Watch TV Channels for free

Stop wasting your money on cable and satellite bills

What is the Ultra Wave Antenna
and what is it for?

Very powerful Antenna!

Ultra Wave Antenna has been created to get the sharpest and most powerful signal on your TV. In addition, it will allow you to access more channels in a clean and safe way.

Does the Ultra Wave Antenna really work?

Really yes the antenna works, this livewave antenna has been developed with the latest technology, and it works by amplifying all TV channel signals, including HD up to 10 times its power, to the receiving screen. It works very similar to TV Caster


Is Ultra Wave Antenna legitimate?

We recommend the responsible use of this livewave antenna and that you inform yourself of the legislation of each country when this gadget is used.

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You can find a range of up to 25 miles / 40km with Ultra Wave Antenna. 4K Video quality. In addition to this, the range of channels that can be reached is unlimited, it works on any frequency.

Quick and easy installation, this tv amplifier works anywhere. Signal capture length and HD quality 25 miles / 40km. 4K Video quality in Ultra Wave Antenna.

Ultra Wave antenna Supports unlimited channel signal, you can extend the signal from ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, Fox among many others. Compatible with any TV. In addition to this much sharper HD signal It can be transported and installed anywhere. Ideal for trips. Ultra wave antenna system. Receive the signal directly and emit instantly.

It is the ideal alternative to connect the mobile to the TV with TV Caster.

Combined with 4G Wifi Pod WiFi Amplifier you can watch all TV channels wherever you want without hassle.


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